Iris Gem Maslow

Digital, visual & interactive media professional

Sacrificing Values for Change

Remember that kid from high school who had loud and unsubstantiated opinions? He’d make you angry, but you’d realize that arguing with him doesn’t solve anything. Instead, you’d stay silent … Continue reading

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5 Smart Takeaways from WistiaFest 2016

I’ve been fan-girling over Wistia since I started my job at PrecisionLender. If you don’t already use Wistia (as a resource hub or a video hosting company), it’s similar to … Continue reading

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Managing Stress by Touching Tasks Once

It’s getting intimate around the office. I don’t mean between coworkers. I mean between my To Do list and I. Last night, I actually had a dream that my To Do … Continue reading

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Fairly Useful Information About Fair Use

My cousin is currently learning about Intellectual Property Law and we got to talking last night about how fascinating the world of copyright and fair use is. As a content … Continue reading

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How to Decline a Cold Call Sales Pitch

After I graduated, I realized that the real world had a few surprises. For example, did you know how incredibly useful all of those Microsoft Office tools could be if they … Continue reading

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Touching Nature

The best part about working for a Jewish organization is all the time off, AM I RIGHT?! In celebration of Passover and our ancestors fleeing Egypt, enjoy some Photoshopped pictures. Shoutout … Continue reading

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Vimeo vs. YouTube

I need some help. The camps that I work for are brother-sister single sex camps (Camp Airy for boys, Camp Louise for girls). Before this summer, we were told to … Continue reading

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